Soar with

the Eagles!

Girls Club Volleyball is in full swing! Check your teams page for practice times. Go Eagles!

Our methods build great players – and even better people

Celebrate Victories

Everyone makes mistakes and some experiences can disappoint, which create great opportunities for growth. But we believe it’s important to celebrate the victories – both large and small. We’ve found that our time is better spent patting backs than wagging fingers.

Strive for Excellence

We work hard to be our very best, individually and as a team. We know that winning isn’t everything – but if you’re going to play, you may as well come home with the trophy.

Recognize Potential

Under the right conditions, tiny seedlings grow into giant trees. So, while every player walks in the door with different skills and experience, we look for the best in everyone and try to create the conditions for our players’ potential to flourish.

Develop Leaders

A team may only need one or two captains, but it needs every single player to lead. Leadership is about attitude and work ethic. It’s about building a spirit of camaraderie and coming together when times get tough. It’s about loyalty, accountability, confidence, humility, and passion.

Have Fun

The way we see it, if we’re winning games, but not having any fun, then we’re still losing. So while we’ll sweat, cry, and push our bodies and minds to their limits, at the end of the day we’re going to have a ton of fun in the process. After all, it seems that the point of a game is to have fun, right?

Ready to soar with the Eagles?