Jamie Rapier

[Girls 12-1s Head Coach] [Girls 13-1s Assistant Coach]

I am a senior in college at ASU. I am studying accounting and am very excited to graduate in May.

I have always loved volleyball. I played at Mesa High and alternated between Middle, Outside, and Right Front. I played at Mesa Club all throughout junior high and played at Molten Club throughout high school. Last year was my first season coaching with our Eagle Volleyball Club. I loved it!

Our girls were first year club players. Only a few of them had actual experience playing volleyball and none of them could serve over the net. By the end of the season almost all of the girls were able to serve overhand. Even though we started in the lowest bracket, we moved up three divisions by the end of the season.

I believe that with hard work and a positive attitude, we can achieve our goals. A team has to be united, with desires to learn and to cheer each other on. I push hard and expect a lot, because I believe in our girls!